Lori Robinett (Booth #90) has been a vendor at the Antique Barn since 2015. Lori likes to collect and sell crocks, granite ware, anything from a farm to use or re-purpose. Lori started collecting when she was in her early 20’s and started with blue or white granite ware. Her style is farmhouse and antiques. Lori recalls one of her favorite finds was a set of wagon wheel oilers. Lori also likes to find things people may like. She enjoys meeting customers and hearing stories from others of their antiquing and the hunt.  

Kathy and Sandy have been in the Antique Barn since October 2018. The are both from Independence, MO. 

Kathy started collecting in grade school, old Tigers and Coke Cola relics. Kathy enjoys collecting unusual items, fun items and items that have a story to tell. Kathy’s style is whimsical, farmhouse and rustic. 

Sandy started collecting Wacky Pack gum packets when she was 10 years old. Sandy is always on the lookout for hand-painted porcelain, cut glass, and old photos. Sandy loves history and her favorite hobby is Genealogy. Sandy’s style is vintage, cottage, rustic and a whimsical mix. Sandy loves that each collectible tells us a little story and could possibly be a conversation starter. 

Stop by Booth #1958 and take a look around to see what treasures might make you feel right at home.